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Costume Museum
S. Brás de Alportel - Algarve - Portugal

Rua Dr. Jose Dias Sancho 61, tel. 289 840 100 ===> Map S Bras

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Algarve, 19 is a network of museums in the Algarve, Rede de Museus do Algarve and is busy compiling a very special exhibition and the museum do Trajo de São Brás, as an integral part of that exhibition, will be covering the romantic period and the 19th Century in the Algarve. This theme will be presented as a tour of intimate family, social and working scenes of day-to-day life in the Algarve of that time. A different way of understanding contemporary algarve by focussing on some characteristic traits that have persisted up to the present day. Everyone is invited to accompany the development of this exhibition by visiting the site.

The english version of our Museum's web page is in construction. While it is not finished, some parts might remain in portuguese language. Our apologises.

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